Tuscaloosa, AL –Inventure International (Pte) Ltd and its wholly owned subsidiary, Inventure Renewables, Inc. announced a partnership with Mazzoni LB S.p.A. (headquartered in Italy) to commercialize a zero waste, carbon dioxide consuming technology for processing a vegetable oil refinery waste, refinery by-product lipid, into oleochemicals. The technology will increase the value of the lipid stream by 200% to 400%.

“Mazzoni is the leading provider of technology and equipment to the global natural vegetable soap market,” said Mark Tegen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Inventure Renewables. “Their customers will reap great benefits from our technology, which will enable them to convert a waste stream that currently has little use beyond low grade animal feed into a value-added product.”

“Inventure has a robust track record of developing technologies for bringing new value to agribusiness by-products,” said Giuseppe Di Carpegna, Chief Executive Officer at Mazzoni LB. “Our customers will appreciate the opportunity to improve returns from their waste streams, but will also value the environmentally-friendly process that will nearly eliminate by-product waste and curtail the use of harsh chemicals.”

It’s estimated that over 5 million tons of refinery by-product lipid are produced by soft oil seed refineries annually. Oleochemicals harvested from refinery by-product lipid waste streams have applications in a range of products, including soaps, detergents, resins, personal care products, inks, paints, textiles and lubricants. Mazzoni and Inventure will focus their initial efforts on the European market.

About Inventure Renewables, Inc.
Inventure Renewables develops patented and patent pending enabling process technology for the production of sugar from biomass which in turn enables the production of third generation green chemicals, synthetic jet fuel, biodiesel, and green gasoline from biomass. Feedstocks – such as soft oil seed waste, palm waste, corn stover and cobs, cane bagasse, wood fiber, etc.—are processed quickly and efficiently, using a chemical catalytic process, to generate cellulosic sugars and upgrade lipid and protein agri-business by-products. Inventure’s current “market ready” or scaled technology includes a carbon negative, zero waste, catalytic soap stock process; and a novel biodiesel process targeting inedible oils, low grade oils or waste oils with a conversion cost ~50% less than traditional technology cost. Inventure Renewables is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Inventure International (Pte) Limited.