Innovative machinery employing the most advanced technologies are available to match the sophisticated demand of the modern soap industry.
The intensive R&D program with our pilot plants and the field experience achieved with hundreds of installations all over the world allow introducing continuous innovation leading to the manufacture of quality soaps in a simple, smooth and cost effective way.
During the year 2006 the following projects have been successfully completed:

  • “MRP” Multi Refiner Plodders: the latest evolution of soap refining and extrusion machines.“MRP” performs the refining, homogenizing and extrusion of all toilet soap bases in a SINGLE UNIT CONFIGURATION.
  • “DTS” One touch Direct Transfer System Stamper to Packaging Machine. The program has been completed with the introduction of “DTS” models for flow-pack and paper wrappers together with the one for cartoners.
  • “SZ” Mixers with bottom extraction worm: a new family of mixers specially designed for sticky products

The above ambitious program, together with the important innovations introduced during the year 2005 allows to maintain our undisputed leadership in soap finishing machinery.

Our range of activities has been further implemented with the recent introduction of the “Packaging Section”: we are in position to offer End –of-Line integrated solutions including Direct Connection with the Wrapping, Cartooning and Flow-pack Machines as well as downstream units (bundlers, case packers and palletizers) in cooperation with the Market Leading Companies with whom we have reached specific technology and marketing agreements.

The Machinery market response has been very promising, allowing to achieve sales superior to our budget forecast for 2006.

2007 starts with even more promising perspectives.

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