A wide range of flowpacks with special application to soap handling is available to satisfy the most sophisticated packaging exigencies.

The two basic machines are AVAILABLE respectively for speeds up to 250 and 500 bpm.

Integrated end of line including STUR Presses with “DTS” Direct Transfer System and MLB-500 Flow-pack for the direct and synchronized discharge of the soap tablets into the pocketed belt of the Flow-pack. The max. speed of the integrated line is 500 bpm. The Flow-pack infeed pocketed chain is extended into the frame of the Press, under the DTS system allowing fastest production speeds together with top quality packaging.

Special solutions are available for:

  • Multipack in vertical and longitudinal configuration

  • Soap on a tray

  • Stiffener + flowpack packaging

  • Strings

Our Machinaries

Different type of machinaries by Mazzoni LB