A strong historical and continuous presence in confectionery industry with many lines installed all over the world with Private Label and Multi-national Confectionery Manufacturers to produce Elastic Licorice, Bubble and Chewing Gums.

Our lines are fully computerised thus minimising the manpower involvement and permitting easy and safe operations: the production phases are controlled to avoid out of specs manufacture and granting consistent quality products with the highest safety standards.

Technologies avallabile:

  • BGL Bubble Gum Lines

  • CGL Chewing Gum Lines

  • MCE BGL CWL Chewing Gum Extruders

  • MCE Modular Confectionery Extruders

  • Licorice Lines

Special flexible and innovative technologies permitting the production of any type of products of any shape:

  • licorice ropes/laces single colour, sugar coated

  • twisted licorice ropes

  • filled licorice ropes

  • two/three colour bubble gums

  • tailor made lines for special products

The innovative technologies allow easy formula changeovers, reduced utilities consumption, reduced maintenance.

Our Machinaries

Different type of machinaries by Mazzoni LB