Liquid Detergent Plants

An innovative, flexible and versatile process plant to produce PERSONAL CARE and HOME CARE liquid detergents.
Flexible design allowing fast formulas changeovers. Versatile process: modular solution that allows producing
PERSONAL/HOME-CARE products with minimal plant modification.

Batch and continuous process available depending on plant capacity.

Batch plants capacity up to 80 t/d

Continuous plant capacity from 100 t/d delip+sanidelip-pic

HOME CARE products:

  • Dish washing
  • Detergent for glass surface
  • Detergent for mirror surface
  • Disinfectant for kitchen and restroom
  • Decalcifier chemically aggressive


  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Liquid Soap
  • Skin Protective
  • Emollient


Special design process plant for the production of sanitizers.

ATEX  design allowing the production of high alcohol content formulas. Compact and versatile plant to produce any viscosity from sprayable liquids to gels.
Modular concept: the plant can also produce several personal and homecare detergents.

Batch technology for capacities of 1 t/batch


Our Machinaries

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