Soap Process Plants

Modern soap making process plants have been invented by Mazzoni: the first vacuum dryers were installed during the late 40’, the first continuous saponification plants were installed during the late 50’. A strong R&D program involving a team of 12 engineers and investment of approx 1,500,000 $ grant our undisputed leadership with an estimated market share superior to 80%.

More than 500 continuous saponification plants have been installed with plant capacities available from 3 to 20 tph:
– SCNT-N full boiled saponification with glycerine recovery
– SCT fatty acids continuous neutralization
– SSCT “SWING” (Soap With Inside Glycerine) continuous saponification

More than 1.000 vacuum dryers have been successfully installed all over the world with plant capacities from 1 to 15 tph. The revolutionary “NO SPRAY” Vacuum Chamber was introduced during 2005: more than 100 units are in operation since then granting important production savings with simplified equipment design.

The “Integrated Process Plants”, first introduced by Mazzoni more than 10 years ago, featuring a continuous saponification SCT-SSCT directly connected with the “C” vacuum dryer allows flexible and versatile operations with consequent competitive manufacturing costs and significant utilities saving, friendly to the environment operation, limited maintenance and reduced area requirement.

Our Machinaries

Different type of machinaries by Mazzoni LB