Mazzoni LB & Industry 4.0

Mazzoni LB developed a personal approach to the Industry 4.0: its aim is to guarantee a higher level of reliability and availability of the line, an optimization of the maintenance and a better understanding of the machine usage and production process to all its customers around the World.

The combination between Mazzoni know-how and the new digital technologies allow to increase the Overall Equipment Effectiveness getting a better overview of machines status and life expectation and implementing continuous optimization by the use of Data storage and analysis.

In order to achieve this purpose Mazzoni created the New Supervisor System, which offers innovative automation services as the below-listed:

  • Complete Supervision of the whole line

  • Remote support service and troubleshooting

  • Data recording and analysis

  • Perform advanced control functions

  • Interactive Digital documentations (e.g. manuals, mechanical & electrical drawings, spare-parts list

  • Support for the Predictive maintenance plans
  • Tutorial and training for internal staff by the use of Augmented Reality device


Many others functionalities can be implemented according to customer’s needs thanks to the high potential and flexibility of the Supervision system.

Industry 4.0 vision of Mazzoni is strengthening the good relationship with its customers and incrementing the gap with competitors.

Our Machinaries

Different type of machinaries by Mazzoni LB